Stage Play & Game Show Event
Friday, October 6th, 2023
06:00pm - 10:00pm
Matteson, IL

There will be two exciting attractions of the evening:

Mafia Play from 06:00pm - 06:45pm
This is the dramatic reading of a screenplay titled Mafia, written by screenwriter Kevin Moore and performed by talented actors from the Chicago area. It tells an intriguing story of a group of people who are mysteriously lured to an isolated place to play a game with real life consequences. (See The Story Tab).

Mafia Game from 07:00pm - 10:00pm
If you've played before, suit up and bring your game face. You already know Mafia takes no prisoners. If you've never played, get ready for an evening of mystery, intrigue and fun with the ultimate who-dun-it game. Rule Number 1: Believe nothing you hear, and only half that you see.

A mysterious and powerful individual known only as The Employer lures a group of people to a newly built, luxurious hotel in a remote location in the Nevada desert. Shortly after arrival, it becomes evident they are trapped against their will with only two options: Play a deadly game for three days or be executed.

The game they are forced to play is called Mafia, a listening and observation game that pits two teams against each other in a race to discover the identity of four key players before those four players can pick everyone else off one by one.

Failure for either team means certain doom as each passing round brings at least one more death. Tension grows, tempers flare, and accusations fly as everyone sinks deeper into the abyss of a grim reality: Trust is a luxury no one can afford, and deception is a virtue.

James Chase (44) is an experienced Chicago homicide police officer born into a family infested with criminals. He became astranged from his family at the early age of sixteen upon discovering his grandfather and father were corrupt police officers on the payroll of a mafia boss. Chase has spent his life fighting to be a good man by running from the criminal stigma and the temptation the dark side of law enforcement offers him constantly. He's broken from the pain of his past, the stress of his failures in life, and he's simply tired of running.

Simone Winter (38) is a very attractive and elegant woman who does global consultation for large organizations, legal and illegal. She's a fixer with many resources and is only known by the richest, most powerful people in the world. Her personality is out-going and charming because it's advantageous for her relationships. But behind the cover is a very shrewd business woman who can quickly and decisively seperate business from pleasure and make difficult decisions that require turning her emotions off.

Mickie Short (41) is a very successful and outspoken millionaire who buys and sells businesses and commercial properties all over the world. He has a big heart for good people and is a secret philanthropist. He is also a master thief who once worked for some of the most wealthiest criminals, but now only practices his dark craft for self-amusement.

Sady Shide (33) is the widow of a once powerful, deceased mobster (second husband). It is rumored that she conspired with her husband's enemies to have him killed. Although it can’t be proven, any one who knows her would say it is certainly believable, and more than likely true. She is notorious for hurting people who cross her or people she simply wants out of her way for any reason. Several high-profile cases of missing persons (including her first husband) and unsolved murders listed her as the number one suspect, though she has never been convicted of a crime.

The Blains are Art (38) and Connie (40), a married couple who are almost never apart and make a living running elaborate, very lucrative cons. They are the epidome of smooth criminals and possess such harmony together that they finish each other's sentences on a consistent basis. They are well-known within the criminal world, but manage to somehow keep their activities beneath the radar. They are among the most elite of criminals. It is said that either of them can talk to you for five minutes and know things about you that your most intimate family members don’t know. If they set their sites on you as a mark, there is no question. You will be taken.

Monet Allure (19) is a beautiful up and coming fashion model and actress. Most would question how such a young, naïve girl got in the mix with such unsavory people, but the truth is part of her childhood was spent on the run after being a witness in a murder that compromised the freedom of a mafia boss' son. A protector known as The Doctor, hired by Monet's late mother, took Monet into hiding to be raised by a couple who illegally adopted her. Her name and identify was changed when she was eight-years-old. Unfortunately, her nightmares have now become a grim reality again. The mafia has found and marked her again.

Paula Nash (29) is a master statistician who was raised by her uncle after her parents died in a car accident when she was a young girl. Studying math all her life, her uncle quickly realized her gift with numbers, and put her to work in the family illegal business at fourteen-years-old. She became a prodigy at analyzing complicated accounting problems and equations as her uncle contracted her services to criminal organizations and government black ops by eighteen. All was well until Paula and her uncle fell out and parted ways. Paula started a very lucrative, but illegal booking operation until she was caught and shut down, which left her unable to pay her debtors. One of those debtors happened to be a member of the mafia. She is now under tremendous pressure to pay her debt, or suffer grave consequences.

Nickoli Oturo (53) is a hot-headed lawyer who ended up working for the mafia years ago. He fell out with the crime family he represented over a conflict of interest involving a woman he loved and a member of his client's family. He ended up fleeing the country, discovering he had been marked for death. After years of exile, he came back into the country for a lucrative contract because he desperately needed money. Old wounds sometimes still cause discomfort, as he has discovered the hard way.

Mario Silva (47) was a producer of adult films. That’s not a bad thing except when it involves people under 18, and one of those people die on your set do to negligence. Oh, and when you “accidently” sleep with a mafia boss’ 15-year-old niece. Needless to say, he's been running and hiding from the authorities and the mafia ever since.

Daisy (22) is a waitress/supervisor in a local restaurant. She's a single mom making her way through school as best she can. She's a tough girl with a kind spirit, often being taken advantage of by those who don't appreciate the beauty of her heart.

All actors must RSVP below to attend the event and be considered for reading. Be sure to check the read option box if you want to be a reader in the script reading event.