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Conversations With Anell (Reading)

Saturday, May 27, 2023

01:00pm - 06:00pm

About The Read Sessions

This project is a monthly PAID table read of scripts written by Chicago native screenwriter Kevin Moore. Some reads will be feature length screenplays. Others will be a series of shorts. All characters in the screenplay are not represented in the audition, as there are only a few pages taken from the full script.

The monthly reads will continue until the end of 2023. The objective is to work with different actors/actresses on a deeper level than a simple audition so that when we cast for film/video productions in 2024, we will have built working relationships with a network of known talent to choose from.

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Story Synopsis

After years of a difficult marriage and valuing materialism above all else, thirty-one-year-old Anell realizes that wealth cannot give her a happy life. She desires a more meaning relationship with her husband and wants to be valued as a wife to him and not just a trophy.

Having nowhere else to go for advice, Anell turns to an unlikely source; a man named Deuce, who is a hard, no-nonsense enforcer working as the right-hand for Anell’s husband and has known him many years. After she offers to pay Deuce generously, Deuce takes the job of teaching Anell how to change her thinking and habits in order to make her husband view her as more than just the materialistic trophy wife he married.

The three-year journey is filled with emotional failure, painful fights, and heart-felt conversations that lands Anell and Deuce in a friendship filled with trust, a deep platonic love, and an honesty that is unrivalled by most. Conversations With Anell is the dramatic story of two people who are forever changed by a friendship they never thought could happen.

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The Characters

Anell (31) is a woman with a degree in Finance and married to a rich crime boss. Since an early age, people can't seem to get passed her physical beauty, as they often assume she's all beauty and no brains. After being stereotyped for so long, she has grown callous and cynical.

Deuce (43) is a hardened man born and raised in upper middle-class suburbia. His mother abandoned him as a teenager due to a divorce, and his father passed before he finished high school. He became involved in organized crime early and is now the right hand to a crime boss, who is Anell's husband. Deuce is hardened and comfortable doing the "dirty work" for The Boss. But beneath the surface lies a wise and sensitive man.

The Boss (58) is a very successful and arrogant businessman who manages a criminal organization. He is trying to get out of the life of crime with his next business deal, which will set him for life. He is crass, unfaithful, controlling, and lacks patience for people who are not beneficial to his agenda, personal or professional.

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Audition Guidelines

  1. We audition by telephone only with 5-10 minute sessions. You must book your audition in advance using the audition scheduler in the website menu.
  2. When auditioning try to choose a quiet environment with good phone reception.
  3. You must audition using the script provided on this site.
  4. Try to familiarize yourself with the dialogue of your character before your audition.
  5. You may reschedule or cancel an audition on our website as easily as you scheduled it.
  6. All of our scripts are original, copyrighted works. You must ask express permission if you desire to use our material in other auditions.
  7. If you do not get a call back, it does not mean we are not interested in you. We may call you back on another project.

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